Why Over The Road?

It all started with a group trip to the Great Ocean Road just outside Melbourne, Australia in December, 2016.

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

After seeing the Twelve Apostles, London Bridge, and the general beauty of that coastal road everyone wanted something to remember the trip by. We stopped in at several visitors centers and stores but couldn't find anything more than postcards. As the surprise settled in we talked about other trips and realized how often we'd wished for something stylish that captured unique elements of a place but couldn't find it. 

That frustration percolated for months. The idea that it must be possible to offer up interesting apparel based on magical places wouldn't go away. Each new place I visited bred new design thoughts. I realized the only option was to bring this concept to life. So with the help of some very talented designers, encouragement from family and friends, and a willingness to try something new Over The Road Design was born. 


Thank you for visiting the site and checking it out. If you have thoughts, ideas or questions please reach out. The goal is to create clothing you would be excited to wear so every bit of feedback helps. 

Be well and travel far,